WE of Alaska Mix & Mingle~ Balanced Health Chiropractic

  • Tuesday, April 05, 2011
  • 5:00 PM - 6:59 PM
  • 6831 Jewel Lake Road


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Ladies let's Mix & Mingle and show support to a fellow WE of Alaska member!

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Meet our newest member, Dr. Jennifer Lovdahl!  

As a Chiropractor my goal is to get you started on a path to achieving you optimum health. The first step is to get you moving! Aches and pains should not keep you down, out of work, and should not get in the way of the things you enjoy. We are made to move and when something gets in the way of proper function it can affect not only our basic structure, but our immune system and thoughts making us more susceptible to diseases. By working on your spine and surrounding musculature we can enable you to move your best and thus feel your best.

While you are achieving your body’s optimum movement and function, I coach every one of my patients on basic nutrition and posture so they can heal faster and so they have the tools to sustain what they have gained at my office.

Please RSVP!  Members may bring guests.